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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I read this book a few months ago when the movie was still only recently in the theater, so its is safe to say that I have had some time to ruminate on this book. I didn't put this off because I didn't like it or because I forgot (not completely anyway); I really just didn't have a interest to write the review, and now I want to get it done.

This is a book that was on my radar for a year or so before the movie, and really with the subject matter it should be right in my wheel house. Its a false utopian/ dystopian future where the bourgeoisie force the proletariat to fight it out for their amusement. Of course this time something different happens. I don't dislike the book, it was alright, but I have no desire to read the other two, instead it made me want to read some of the other books I have had on the list that focus on the same subject matter, but more about them later.

While reading the book, it felt a little tedious to me. I realize that it was written for young adults, but the conversations in this were killing me; the way that each line had to be followed by "..."said *character*. I am used to the author trusting the reader to keep the conversation in line in their mind with an occasional "she said" to give a hint. The story itself is good, the characters have dimension and some definition by their background; they are not just avatars for the reader ( Im looking at you Stephanie Meyer, show don't tell.) The main character has enough dimension that at some points I am not on her side, I can see her ulterior motives and I don't agree with them; that's rare in most novels I have read let alone young adult fiction. All said I don't regret the book, and the story was good for what it was; however I have read better novels with subject matter that is close enough for comparison. I will be reviewing some of those soon so keep an eye out. I It is worlds better than 99.9% of the young adult fiction tripe out there, so actually for a young reader I would highly recommend this, I can easily see this getting them into reading, for the more seasoned reader however it may be a bit underwhelming. would recommend this as a read, but it didn't personally excite me as much as it has some.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

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